Muscle Massage Foam Roller

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Foam Color

Black, Blue, Green, Pink, Purple

You can target specific body parts and trigger points to relieve strain.
The roller not only helps in speedy healing of muscle tissue injuries but also improves blood circulation.With portable size and easy to carry, it is really a wonderful foam Yoga roller ideal for home and travel use.Simple and practical Hollow EVA foam roller, specially designed to massage & stretch muscle & soft tissue in many directions.Perfect for Cross-fit, Pilates, Bodybuilding, Rugby, Boxing, Running, Weight Training, Yoga and Sports Beginners.Not only helps in speedy healing of muscle tissue injuries, but also improves blood circulation.
Portable and lightweight design ensures it fits easily into any gym bag or travel case – ensuring you get your massage in anytime, anywhere.Great roller piece for your fitness process and training.


  • Light Weight
  • Durable
  • Perfect tool for yoga
  • Made of EVA foam,Lightweight,soft to touch,rich elastic buffer,surface With Massage Grid Trigger Point.
  • Waterproof,anti-slip,non-toxic,tasteless,odourless.
  • The most popular pilates/yoga trainers, can also do children’s sporting goods,swim rod.
  • Yoga column can help yoga practitioners to finish the balancing act.
  • Can eliminate muscle tension, and strengthen the core muscle strength and flexibility, stretching the muscles and tendons,lipid-lowering toning.
  • Also can break up the soft tissue adhesions and scar tissue,Self-massage and myofascial release, break
  • Trigger points, relieve tension fascia while increasing blood flow and circulation of the soft tissue.
  • Colour: Purple, Blue, Black, Orange, Pink
  • Size: about 34 x14 x 14cm