Ab-Wheel Exerciser


Additional information

Wear-resistant anti-slip giant wheel design; imitation of car tire texture, to create a car-class anti-slip technology; super grip, refuse to slip. The operation is simple, carries out the violence esthetics, simple easy to learn, one step in place;
The handle is divided into left and right-hand design, easy to force when moving, engineering handle, comfortable grip, pressure safety; L- left, R- right;
Rubber roller, wide tire; Strong friction, mute design;
Silent comfort design;
400 kg load-bearing;
Intelligent brake: when the belly wheel push forward, the internal spring will tighten, the spring has reached the tightest state. Will automatically brake, stop to push forward, so as not to cause excessive forward push, resulting in injury.
Automatic spring back design: when the belly wheel is pushed to a tight state. There will be an automatic spring back function to help easy reset; women can also easily control.
Exercise site: anterior serratus, rectus abdominis, internal oblique abdominis, external oblique abdominis, biceps brachii, triceps brachii, Dorsi extensor, deltoid, deltoid, pectoralis,
Size: wheel diameter 20 cm(7.8″), wheel thickness :9 cm(3.5cm(7.8″), with handle length :38 cm(14.8cm(7.8″)