Maderotherapy Wood Therapy Massage By Piece



Additional information


1. Brand: ZONGKUNG
2. Name: Wooden Massager
3. Material: Beech Wood
4. Color: Wooden
5. Size: As pictures shown
6. Suit for body parts: neck, shoulder, back, waist, abdomen, arms, elbows, legs, knees, full body and other sore or aching areas.
7. Effect: improve blood circulation, speed up metabolism and Promote lymphatic detoxification
8. The color might exist slight difference due to different
9. Please allow a little error on the size due to manual measurement.
10. Please store the product in a dry place, avoid exposure to the sun and high temperature.

About the Product:

1. Advantage: Massage roller is made of high-quality 100% natural wood. Smooth surface without burrs will not scratch the skin
2. Function: The wooden cellulite tools can expel and promote the reconstruction of residual toxins and fat which also stimulates the lymphatic drainage, helps eliminate cellulite, and improves the flow of blood and lymph throughout the body
3. Wide application: Wooden massage tools are suitable for all ages
4. Good customer experience.

How to use?

1. Thoroughly moisturize the area you will be massaging to avoid bruising or pulling the skin. We recommend using essential oil or massage oil.
2. Using gentle pressure to roll the massage stick upwards,always towards the direction of the heart. Repeat all motions 4 to 8 times.
3. Drink extra fluids, ideally 2-4 glasses of water after each massage, to help flush waste from your body.
4. Massage daily for optimal results.

Package Include: 1/2/3/4/5/6Pcs/Set Wood Massager

1 Piece * Wooden 5 Cubes Massager
1 Piece * Wooden 3 Cubes Massager
1 Piece * Wooden 9-wheel Massager
1 Piece * Wooden Massage Board
1 Piece * Wooden Massage Cup
1 Piece * Wooden Crescent Massager
Note: We have 16 different combinations of set for you to choose. which can meet your different needs for relaxing muscles and releasing stress.