Reflex Hammer for Neurological Examination


Additional information

  •  Alcatel REFLEX HAMMER: This Surgical Reflex Hammer is a classic reflex hammer design that is trusted for accurate readings for many years. It features a triangular rubber head attached to a flat + sturdy metal handle. It is the most commonly used reflex hammer for neurological examinations + to test joint reflexes or bone fractures. Testing for reflexes is an important part of the neurological physical examination.
  •  USER-FRIENDLY DESIGN: This Reflex Hammer is user-friendly and easy to clean. It features a Mead Mallet and Triangular rubber head. This product comes in various different colors so you can match your other supplies or simply chose your favorite! This is an ideal addition to a kit for nurses, medical students, doctors, EMTs, paramedics, CNAs and more.
  • ► DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: The stainless steel construction and professional quality make the reflex hammer ideal for hospitals and specialty clinics. Corrosion-resistant and tarnish-free – This hammer will not bend or snap on you. It will last and remain dependable for medical personnel over many years.
  • ► ACCURATE PERFORMANCE: Not only is it aesthetically pleasing but the Percussion Hammer accurately and effectively elicits muscle stretch reflexes, superficial or cutaneous reflexes, as well as plantar and abdominal reflexes, with less effort and greater patient comfort.