Freely-Fine Lanset 28G


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Description – Universal lancets Freely-Fine 28G – 100 pcs

If you need to take a blood sample or do it at a certain frequency, there is nothing better and more convenient than lancets. You can buy lancets in the online store “Diabet Technika”.

Before obtaining a drop of blood using a skin puncture device, a lancet must be installed. Remove the tip from the skin piercing device. Insert the new lancet fully into the lancet holder until it clicks. Install the protective cap, select the desired depth. Press the spring cocking button, firmly attach the device to the place of intake and press the release button. When finished, remove the needle by putting the transport cap on it.

Dispose of the used lancet in a safe manner.

In a package of 100 pcs.

You can buy these lancets individually (in multiples of 10 pieces). To go to the page with individual orders, click on the link:Lancets 28G – 10 pcs

Advantages of lancets 28G:

• The use of lancets is distinguished by an almost painless puncture thanks to the special sharpening of the needle.
• High-quality and hypoallergenic materials are used in production.
• Needle thickness – 28G (0.36 mm), suitable for people with thick skin.
• They are made of high-quality surgical steel.