ECG Electrodes Box 50 PCS


Additional information

Disposable Electrode 1) Solid gel, foam (1.0mm), for adult 2) Dimensions: 41mm x 46mm 3) 1/25″ thick white foam 4) Metal snap: stainless steel stud (thick 0.6 mm) 5) Label: white PE tape indicated brand mark (32-35mm wide) 6) Base foam: white or original color PE foam tape with medical pressure sensitive gel (thick: 1.0mm, width: 44.0mm, density: about 60kg/m3) 7) Ag/AgCl: Ag/AgCl chemical electrode coated on the ABS plastic 8) Sold gel: medical conductive gel made of many chemical meet UPS 9) Film: PET release linear (thick: 0.1mm, width: 55mm) Features and Benefits: All models, even the neonatal and paediatric ones, are equipped with adhesive hypoallergenic gel specially studied to grant a strong adhesive force while allowing an easy and painless removal from the skin after use, therefore significantly reducing the risk of skin irritation; some models, equipped with a special liquid gel, grant the maximum contact with the skin. INTCO ECG Monitoring Electrodes help transmit clear, reliable tracings for optimal performance, good adhesion and durability for monitoring you can trust. Courtesy lift-tab designs available for easy placement and removal, also feature a universal connection so that can be used with a wide range of patient monitors. Not made with natural rubber latex. DEPH-free, lead-free and mercury-free. Full product lines to meet all of your ECG monitoring needs, applicable for emergency procedures, long and short term monitoring, EMS, Cardiology, Radiology, Cath Lab, ICU/CCU/NICU,PICU,Holter, stress test, telemetry, monitoring in the operating theatre, etc.