Compressor Nebulizer


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ESSENTIAL NEBULIZER FOR EVERY FAMILY Use nebulizer machine at the first sign of congestion, dont let colds, allergies or sinus problems slow you down.Micron Mist particles, the atomization is stable and does not choke the throat. EASY TO USE It’s light weight, very easy to use and portable. It came with multiple mouth pieces and masks. All kits can be reused. Easy to clean too. Also this type of nebulizer is recommend by most doctors and can be very economical. SAFETY MATERIALS All materials are produced in a hygienic environment, so the elderly and children with poor resistance can use it without worry. It adopts a new generation of mute chip and anti-vibration foot pads, and it runs without noise. POWERFUL Compared with the previous generation,the size of the machine is reduced by 20%,but the efficiency of the machine is increased by 10%. Nebulizer machine for adults and kids takes about 10+ minutes to do a treatment.