Thumb Supported Hand-Wrist Splint


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    In carpal tunnel syndrome, painful conditions of the wrist and thumb, it provides rest by restricting movement.

    Tendinitis of the wrist, tenosynovitis; It is used for tendon lesions in the thumb (De Quervain’s tendinitis etc.), instability in MP and CMC joint.

    Provides better fixation with elastic wrist bandage.

    With aluminum and palm plastic support, it restricts the movements of the wrist and thumb.

    This product is used with the advice of a doctor.

    This product cannot be used other than its intended use, cannot be combined with any other product, and is used only for its original indications.


    Make sure the product size fits your size.

    Make sure that the plastic palm rest restricts the fixation (movement) of the wrist.

    Make sure that the aluminum support is fixed with the thumb in the position indicated by your doctor.

    Specially designed inner surface is made of cotton, elastic woven fabric.

    This product is divided into two as Right and Left.