Percussive therapy at Accel is primarily used to improve athletic performance and recuperation. Aside from those reasons, there are numerous advantages to using a massage gun.

By releasing tension and fluid deep in the muscles, it relieves stress and calms the body, increasing tissue metabolism.

Allows more oxygen and nutrients to reach the muscles by increasing blood and lymphatic circulation.

Encourages the “wake up” of atrophied muscles, allowing for speedier recovery and greater flexibility.

Lactic acid buildup in the body is released, which is often a result of strenuous activity.

Improves mobility by stimulating nerve receptors, which produce vasodilation in the skin and muscles.

Breaks up scar tissue by massaging collagen filaments deeply, which relieves discomfort and constriction.

Increases range of motion by making joints more flexible and lowering the incidence of strains and sprains.

Enhances overall health. The usage of a massage gun on a regular basis can help with sleep, immunity, and anxiety.

If these eight advantages of massage gun therapy aren’t enough to persuade you, chat to one of our personal trainers about all of the techniques we use to aid in exercise recovery and return to play therapy today.