Pressotherapy is a paramedical pressure technique that activates blood and lymphatic circulation.  This therapy is performed with wide boots, arm sleeves and an abdominal belt to wear in a lying position. These devices are equipped with several cells filled with air, which inflate and then deflate.  They exert two types of pressure:

Sequential pressure (for the treatment of water retention and cellulite), which causes cells to swell one by one.

The pressure continues (venous insufficiency), following which the cells swell and then deflate at the same time.

Some of these devices can practice both pressures to mimic the pressure of manual lymphatic drainage performed by a physiotherapist with the fingers and the palms of the hands.

Pressotherapy is a drainage technique addressed to anyone suffering from blood circulation disorders or water retention.  However, this therapy, which complements manual drainage, can also be used for those who simply wish to get back in shape.

Pressotherapy devices are usually equipped with the following accessories:

  • Leg Sleeves
  • Arm sleeves
  • A belt for the stomach and hips


What are the effects of pressotherapy?

Pressotherapy acts on veins, cellulite, and heavy legs to eliminate water retention and toxins.  It also acts against the appearance of varicose veins (varices).  In addition, this therapy activates the circulation of blood and air to the heart and destroys static fat cells.  As a result, your silhouette will become slimmer.  Pressotherapy can thus help you slim down if you suffer from higher weight caused by water retention.

Pressotherapy for water retention

Water retention indicates poor circulation of the lymph.  As a result, the body retains more water than it evacuates, which leads to the formation of edema or swelling.  The causes of water retention can vary from one person to another and have as main causes:


 Poor blood circulation

Heat: hot baths, clothing and exposure to the sun dilate blood vessels, thus promoting water retention

Diet that is too salty or low in protein: salt is one of the main factors in water retention

Certain diseases: heart failure, kidney failure or venous failure.

Certain medications: corticosteroids, antihypertensives or hormonal treatments.

Posture: sitting, having your legs crossed can also hinder venous return.

Pressotherapy is recommended to fight against water retention problems on a long-term basis.  Indeed, it has the ability to eliminate toxins and excess water in the body.


Who is pressotherapy for?

Pressotherapy is intended for everyone with circulatory disorders, lymphoedema, cellulite, or heavy legs.  It is also intended for athletes who want to speed up their recovery after exercise.


 Pressotherapy for athletes:

The muscles of athletes are often tense after intensive training or sports competition.  Pressotherapy is a good way to recover quickly and fight against fatigue.  Indeed, it promotes blood circulation in the veins of the lower limbs after exercise.  By using this therapy, the athlete will no longer have swelling or the feeling of heavy legs.  In addition, it helps with muscle healing and the healing of sprains and strains.

Pressotherapy for aesthetic reasons:

Pressotherapy can be used to fight against cellulite.  This therapy eliminates adipocytes, oedema and drains toxins.  The orange peel appearance is thus reduced on the affected areas.  The skin is firmed, and the silhouette is refined.

How to choose your pressotherapy device?

At Fitmed, we offer a high quality pressotherapy device with many accessories parts that you will find below:

The pressotherapy device has been designed for healthcare professionals.  This high-performance device includes 6 different treatment programs.  This device has a strong power of 220V. In addition, has 2 outputs.  Thanks to this device, you have the possibility to treat the lower and upper parts of the body.  The main advantage of this one is that the treatment is customizable.  In this way, you can offer the treatment that best suits the patient’s needs.  Note that the purchase of this device includes the acquisition of accessories: Sleeves for the legs, belt for the abdominals, and 1 sleeve for the arms and with a remote control for distance usage.

Our sleeves come with a 6 compartment which is much better than the 4 compartment in a sleeve. It helps the treatment to be more efficient and faster.

You can find in the market many pressotherapy but in Fitmed we guarantee you the best quality and the most efficient pressotherapy with 6 compartment and 1 year warranty.