Thumb Protection Deep Tissue Saver Massager


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1PCS Massage Device Manual Thumb Massage Physiotherapy Small Tools Full Body Deep Tissue Trigger Portable Multifunctional Massage


Type: Thumb Saver Massager

Color: Green

Material: ABS Thumb

Size: About 13.3*2.8*4.4cm


  1. Made of a superior ABS material with a natural grip for fingers and thumb.
  2. This massage tool saves your thumbs and joints from the normal wear and tear associated with manual massage.
  3. Effective for unlocking and releasing neck and back tensions and trigger point relief.
  4. A new deep tissue massage tool, can be used to release trigger points. 5.Special design to reduce strain and over-use injuries in practitioners’ hands. 6.Suit for massaging yourself as well as using to massage others.

Package Included

1 x Thumb Saver Massager