Thoracolumbar Corset Back Support


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    It provides support in straightening the dorsal spine and assists in the treatment of kyphosis.

    It is used for hyperextension in the treatment of mild degree fractures of the lumbar and thoracic spine (vertebral).

    This product is used with the advice of a doctor.

    This product cannot be used other than its intended use, cannot be combined with any other product, and is used only for its original indications.


    Make sure the product fits your size.

    Place the plastic/steel underwires in the lumbar region to include the lumbar and sacral discs of the vertebrae and connect the Velcro straps in front on the abdomen.

    Fix the product by combining the extra belts at the front.

    With belt reinforcement, it provides stronger support to the waist muscles.

    Thanks to its removable back steel underwires, it allows easier adjustment according to the shape of the vertebra.

    It is made of elastic line fabrics woven using cotton yarn.