JIAJIAN TENS Device Wired Spare Electrode Pad 5cm x 5 cm Pack of 4


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Product Desciption

It’s also named as self-adhesive electrodes, EMS electrodes, electrode pads, stimulating electrodes, electrotherapy electrodes.

The electrodes are intended for use as the reusable, conductive adhesive interface between the patient’s skin and the Electrical Stimulator, and are intended to be used with marketed, Electrical Stimulators i.e. TENS , EMS, MENS, IF (Interferential) and PGS.

Product Parameter

Model: CM4040FB

Square 50mm × 50 mm (2″ × 2″)

Colour: White

Place of origin: SHANGHAI, CHINA

Backing Material: White non-woven cloth

Certification: FDA 510K, ISO 13485, CE

Packing: 4 pcs/set