Relax Tone 4 Head Cellulite Removal Massager


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With this tool, you will get rid of your back and neck pain, accelerate your blood circulation, and you will also have your legs and feet massaged. Having a Relax & tone is like having a private masseuse waiting for you at your home, who will massage your whole body and make you relax.

If you wish, you can smoothen your orange-looking skin with relax & tone and facilitate the removal of fat from your body. Using anti-cellulite products will speed up this process.

Relax & tone comes with 4 separate add-on units:

1. Flat attachment unit: For neck, shoulder and back massages.

2. Wave attachment unit: Wave unit specially designed for you to fight against oils.

3. Movable attachment unit: This attachment on 8 movable balls will be effective in massage and body thinning.

4. Micro foot file: Effective against dead skin on your feet. All you have to do is place the relax & tone?U on the part of your body you want to apply with the appropriate apparatus.

Afterwards, if you wish, relax & tone will work for you and get rid of excess fat and cellulite.

The secret behind Relax & tone is the original off center axis design that penetrates deep into your skin with over 2500 rpm vibrations per minute, thereby helping you get rid of unwanted fat and calories.

Whether you are aiming to shape a certain part of your body or to slim your whole body, all you have to do is use relax & tone for only 10 minutes a day.

Just one of the features of relax & tone is to accelerate circulation and burn your fat with massage effect…

If you want, by using other apartments in different cycles;

It accelerates blood circulation and relaxes tired muscles by warming them.

Recovers relaxed muscles

It is effective against back and neck pain.

Massages your legs and feet.

It allows the dead skin to be removed.

Revitalizes the skin, helps to renew the skin.


Easy and convenient use



Slimming, shaping and massaging, three features in one tool

Provides more than 2500 vibrations per minute

The effect that penetrates deep into your skin

It works your whole body without the need to exercise

Just 10 minutes a day for incredible results

Gives shape by slimming the hip area

thinning legs

Effective against cellulite

Accelerates blood circulation

relaxes the muscles

Effective against back and neck pain

Massages your legs and feet

Allows dead skin to be removed

4 original add-on units for specific needs

speed control

Package Included : 

1 x relax & tone unit

1x flat attachment unit

1 x wavy add-on unit

1x movable add-on unit

1 x protective cover

1x user manual

1 x micro foot file