Orpedox Half Cylinder Ergonomic Comfort Cushion Memory Foam

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The leg cusion helps to relieve leg, foot, knee, lower back, hip, ankle and joint pain by allowing leg muscles to rest.
Improves blood circulation and lessen veins distention by raising the legs.
Decrease aching strains due to long periods of sitting on chair.
Turn the foot rest opside down to achieve a rocking motion. Keep your legs and feet moving for improved concentration.
High density foam foot rest offers optimal comfort and superior support for your feet.


  • Underknee pad while sleeping
  • Underleg while sitting in the office
  • Underleg arch when lying down

Item type: leg pad
Material: sponge, anti slip fabric, mesh cloth
Color: black, grey
Types: black non-slip, black mesh, grey nonslip, grey mesh
Size: about 42 x 18 x 10cm(L x W x H)

Package includes:
1pc x leg pad