New Booster E Muscle Relaxer Massage Gun 6 head


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Booster E Muscle Relaxer Fascia Massage Gun Electric Fascia Gun bodybuilder 6 heads with pack for body health

Product Name: Fascia Pistol
Model:  Booster E
Product material: polyurethane
AC charger
– Nominal input: 100 ~ 240 V 50 / 60Hz 24 W
– Rated output: 24 V / 1A
Rated voltage: 24.0 V 6INR19 / 66
Type: high power lithium battery
Capacity: 2000 mAH
Massager : 
No load speed: 1800-3200 / min max
Stroke: 12mm
Weight: 1.0kg
Package List: 
1 X Massage Machine
1 X AC Charger
6 X Massage Heads
1 X Li-ion Battery
1. 24V lithium output
With 24V power lithium battery and custom high power brushless motor, it can bring 10KG impact strength and accelerate the discharge of lactic acid in vivo
2.  9-Gear Variable Speed Regulation
The 9-speed regulation design can meet a variety of massage needs, with gear memory function, shut down in a comfortable gear, the next 
boot can automatically jump to the gear.
3.Fifty-three hits per second
Customized high-power brushless motor, 24V power lithium battery, speed up to 3200r/min, bring hitting pleasure
4.  12 mm super stroke
Greater strokes transmit vibration to deeper muscles, accelerating lactic acid excretion from deeper muscles.
5.Super silent operation
BOOSTER E adopts the third generation noise reduction scheme.
The overall noise is less than 55DB.
Equivalent to the sound of fan operation, the fan-shaped heat sink is used to ensure the stable and long-term operation of the machine.
6.One charge ,Use for 15 days
Fascial gun uses 24V high-voltage energy storage lithium battery, daily three-gear muscle activation mode
Use 20 minutes a day for 15 consecutive days.
7.Five Kinds of Customized Massage Heads
8. Warranty: Fitmed guarantee you the best quality and you will get a 1 year warranty