Medline Remedy Phytoplex Moisturizer Skin Cream UnScented

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Gentle Cleansing with Added Skin Support

Medline Remedy Phytoplex Nourishing Moisturizer is made for the most sensitive skin types, including skin damaged or at-risk due to age, irritants, physical stress, drying, incontinence, nutritional imbalance or other medical issues. Phytoplex Nourishing Moisturizer provides soothing nourishing skin support to help skin maintain its natural moisture balance.

  • Remedy Phytoplex Nourishing Skin Cream helps restore skin’s natural moisture balance and barrier properties
  • Formulated without mineral oil or other petrochemicals to remain breathable
  • Absorbs readily into the skin upon application with no greasy residue
  • Moisturizes with a blend of natural emollients including safflower oleosomes and carrageenan
  • Enhanced with Phytoplex, additional botanicals and essential fatty acids