Premium Maderotherapy Wooden Therapy Massage Tools 4 In 1


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Wood Massager Tools

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Massage & Relaxation




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4Pcs/Set Wood Massager Tools


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  • Package Include: 4Pcs/Set Wood Massager Tools
  • 1 Piece * Wooden 9-wheel Massager
  • 1 Piece * Wooden Gua Sha Massager
  • 1 Piece * Wooden Massage cube stick
  • 1 Piece* Wodden Curve wheels massager
  • 1 Piece * Wooden Massage Cup

Why Choose Our Wood Therapy Massage Tools?
1. Premium Material: Our massage tools are made of high-quality natural strong beech wood.
2. Smooth Surface without Burrs: All the tools are well polished and would not be left with scratches.
3. Professional Massager: 4 in 1 therapy tools can be easily used to shape your body, and meet all your massage needs.
4. Function: Using our wood massager to stimulate your lymphatic drainage can relieve muscle soreness, and help to eliminate cellulite.

1. The massage tool is a completely natural and special technique which stimulates the lymphatic drainage, helps eliminate cellulite, and improves the flow of blood and lymph throughout the body;
2. A trowel for Maderotherapy is used for draining and facilitating the reconstruction of entrapped toxins and fats. It helps eliminate all excess fat through the lymphatic system;
3. Whether you are a professional healthcare provider or sports enthusiasts, or physical therapist. The wooden guasha tool will help you;
4. The surface of the board is very smooth after special treatment and will not scratch the skin. Great Christmas Gift to your friends and family;
5. Made from high-quality 100% natural wood which will withstand the rigors of heavy use while remaining corrosion-free.

How to use it?
1. Relax your body, start with massage oil, and make sure your skin is lubricated, this is a very important step to keep you comfortable.
2. Use the 9-wheel stick to gently roll, and gradually increase the intensity until you feel comfortable after you get used to it.
3. You can use the 5-cube stick to deepen the stimulation of the fat, help destroy fat cells and eliminate cellulite.
4. Use the Gua Sha board to massage in the direction of lymph flow, which helps lymphatic drainage.
5. Use the wooden massage cup to push the fat or the muscles.
6. Keep warm after the massage, drink warm water to help the body expel harmful substances.

1. Since our products are all made of natural wood, some products may have a few defects, such as cracks, spots, etc. with the change of environment.
2. If the product has a serious problem, we are willing to replace it for free or refund. In such case, please contact us and do not open a dispute.
3. If the defect is not so serious, we would be very apprecaited if you can understand and accept it.
4. Our products are made of 100% natural wood. Every texture and color has a subtle difference, as well as a slight difference from the picture. Look forward to your understanding.