Life Net WBP108 Blood Pressure Monitor


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LifeNet WBP108

Life Net Medikal , which allows you to measure your blood pressure yourselfWith the brand WBP108. You can closely monitor your health. When you suspect that your blood pressure is rising or falling, you can measure your blood pressure in a short time by attaching the product to your arm. This blood pressure monitor, which you can use with the help of your family. Is also suitable for the use of the older people, thanks to its extremely practical design.

This modern product, which you can easily grasp thanks to its ergonomic body, was manufactured by Life Net, which is among the brands that develop medical instruments. The electronic sphygmomanometer, which gives confidence with its hard plastic body. Also provides comfort to its users with its lightness. This product, which helps you to measure blood pressure in detail and safely, is ideal for you to take precautionary measures against the dangers that may occur in your health.

LifeNet WBP108

Large Screen and Legible Text

Life Net Medical sphygmomanometer, which provides extra convenience to older people users with its large and wide screen. With , you can buy a useful product for your parents. The large and legible display of numbers and texts allows the blood pressure measurement result to be easily read. The texts on the screen inform the users which graphic gives information on which subject. Thanks to the Life Net WBP108, which is among the arm-type blood pressure monitors, you can measure without squeezing your arm too much.

You can make precise measurements by attaching the measuring apparatus that surrounds the arm to your arm in a short time. The soft surface of the measuring device. Which does not harm the skin, helps prevent you from experiencing redness and itching on your arm. With the help of the Life Net WBP108 sphygmomanometer, which also displays the heartbeat rhythm, you can detect problems related to your heart in a timely manner and take precautions.

Automatic Closing Sphygmomanometer

The automatic shut-off feature, which prevents the product from consuming too much energy, helps you use the WBP108 more efficiently. Life Net WBP108 sphygmomanometer price for this economical productYou can easily own it with attractive conditions. The sphygmomanometer, which also has the averaging feature, helps you to get more precise results by averaging your measurements. The product, which you can also use with the help of a USB cable, provides efficiency by working with battery support. You can perform the necessary operations in a practical way. By using the start and stop buttons located on the edge of the screen of this device that measures blood pressure. The modern sphygmomanometer, which measures from the arm, is among the fully automatic models.

Life Net WBP108, which is one of the affordable blood pressure monitors in terms of prices, works with minimum energy requirement so that you can benefit from your batteries for a long time. The sphygmomanometer, which you can operate by connecting it to the upper part of your arm. Allows you to obtain the necessary information by making accurate measurements within seconds.

36 cm Soft Cuff

You can use the Life Net WBP108 sphygmomanometer in harmony with your body. Thanks to its arm cuff that forms an area of ​​36 cm in circumference. This product, which creates comfort for its users with its memory feature. Stores the measurements you have obtained in the storage area and presents them to you. Thus, you can collectively access useful data on changes in your blood pressure level. This Life Net WBP108, which is suitable for health institutions and for use in the home environment, is a product that experts and blood pressure patients can use comfortably. This functional product, which can keep a maximum of 99 measurements in its memory, offers you detailed data.

The sphygmomanometer, which also has a reminder alarm feature, helps you to take your daily measurements regularly at the same time. In this way, you can more easily detect the changes that your blood pressure may experience. This product, which makes an irregular rhythm warning, carefully monitors your heartbeat and informs you. Helping its users with its average calculation feature. Life Net brand blood pressure monitor takes the average of your data in a very short time. There is also a useful area on the screen of the product that includes day, month and year information.