Knee Support with Hinges (Full Open)


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    In case of strain on the knee ligaments (internal-external ligaments), it provides strong support to the knee joint and helps the healing process.

    It is indicated in the treatment of strain-sprain, arthritis-bursitis and tendinitis.

    This product is used with the advice of a doctor.

    This product cannot be used other than for its intended use, cannot be combined with any other product, and is used only for its original indications.


    Make sure the product fits your size.

    Make sure that the product fits on the patella cover of the knee.

    Make sure the lateral ligament supports center the lateral and medial surfaces of the knee.

    Thanks to the hinged underwires on the sides, it provides strong support to the inner and outer lateral ligaments of the knee and does not restrict the movements of the knee.

    It prevents the problem of slipping by providing high grip on the knee with the lower and upper velcro bands.

    The fact that it is fully open provides ease of use in the application of the product.

    It is made of knitted woven fabric with high flexibility, air permeability and compression.