Full-Size Human Skeleton Model 176 CM (Half body muscle and Half Body joint, spinal cord and nerve model)


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Additional information

Sam offers all the benefits of a 3B Scientific skeleton. With Sam you can demonstrate skull movements through the head joints, and with the flexible spine you can adjust the model to fit it into a natural body posture. Unique combinations of muscle roots and attachments, numbered bones, flexible connective tissue and flexible vertebrae with disc glide between the 3rd and 4th lumbar vertebrae show more than 600 structures in this model medically and anatomically. Now on a fixed metal suspended stand with 5 wheels!

  • An overview of Sam benefits:
  • More than 600 hand-numbered, labeled details
  • hand painted muscle roots and appendages
  • Flexible spine and connective tissue
  • slipped disc between the 3rd and 4th lumbar vertebrae
  • Protruding spinal nerve and vertebral artery
  • 3-piece assembled skull with individually placed teeth
  • Sturdy, unbreakable and made of synthetic material
  • High quality
  • Close to realistic weight of around 200 bones
  • Final installation is done by hand
  • On a fixed metal hanging stand with 5 wheels (painted white)
  • Getting value for money
  • Organs can be easily removed

Weight: 9.5kg

Height: 176.5cm