Electric Exam Bed

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Additional information

  • Introducing the Electric Beauty Bed (PU, 1 Motor):

    Experience superior comfort and functionality with our Electric Beauty Bed, designed to meet the exacting needs of the modern beauty and healthcare professional. This examination bed is thoughtfully crafted for optimal patient and practitioner satisfaction, boasting a multitude of features to ensure a seamless and efficient experience.

    Key Features:

    1. Highly Stable Structure: The two-section table is built with a robust and stable structure to provide a secure and reliable platform for various treatments.
    2. One-Motor System: The bed features a one-motor system, allowing for convenient electrical height adjustments at the touch of a button. The button panel is seamlessly integrated into the bed’s structure, ensuring ease of use and precision in height positioning.
    3. Gas Lift Backrest Adjustment: The backrest’s inclination can be easily adjusted using a gas lift mechanism, enabling practitioners to find the perfect position for their patients with minimal effort.
    4. Electrical Up and Down Adjustment: Both the height of the bed and the headrest are electrically adjustable, offering precise control and customization for your patient’s comfort.
    5. Removable Headrest Cushion: The headrest cushion is designed for ultimate patient comfort and includes a breather hole, ensuring optimal relaxation during treatments.
    6. Retractable Wheels: The bed is equipped with retractable wheels, making it effortlessly mobile. This feature provides exceptional flexibility and adaptability to your workspace, allowing you to configure the room to your liking.
    7. High-Quality PU Upholstery: The bed’s PU (polyurethane) upholstery is not only durable but also high-quality. It’s designed to be easy to clean, maintaining a pristine and professional appearance.
    8. Paper-Roll Holder: For added convenience, a paper-roll holder is included, ensuring that you have easy access to essential supplies during treatments.

    Product Specifications:

    • Product Size: 178 x 68 x 47/88 cm
    • Weight: 57.5 Kg
    • Upholstery Material: PU (Polyurethane)
    • Breather Hole: Included in the headrest cushion for patient comfort
    • Electrical Height Adjustment Range: 54 to 88 cm for both the bed and the headrest

    The Electric Beauty Bed (PU, 1 Motor) is the perfect solution for practitioners seeking a versatile, reliable, and stylish examination bed that enhances the overall patient experience. With its array of features, durable construction, and elegant design, this examination bed is a valuable addition to any beauty or healthcare facility.