DEEPFLOW IASTM 8mm Whole Body Rehabilitation Physiotherapy Set of 5


Get an oil and cream massager with each set purchased

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Mainland China




Stainless Steel

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Whole Body


1 Set Of Guasha Massage Fascia Knife Neck And Leg Whole Body Rehabilitation Physiotherapy Sports Stainless Steel Gym Tools

+ OIL Bottle & Massage cream Gift

Gua Sha Chinese Massage for all and everyone:
This fascia tool is the Chinese massager par excellence. A Gua Sha scraper is not just a back and neck massager. The intelligent design, optimal handling and the different sides of the scraper are perfect for the treatment of all body structures.
The massage tools are successfully used worldwide in therapy, for example in the trigger point massage, as prevention, in the wellness area, as well as in physiotherapy. This special method uses a specially shaped massage tool to scrape the skin, stimulating blood circulation and reducing pain. In the fascia therapy, similar to the Graston Technique, therapists use the unique massage tool on the muscle fascial structures of the body to release bonds.
The benefits of the scraper for Chinese manual therapy at a glance:
✔ 5x robust stainless-steel scrapers for optimal hand guidance and pressure transmission
✔ Tested by our state-approved therapists and used daily
✔ The high-quality, smooth polished stainless steel ensures a pleasant skin feeling without causing scratches or rough areas on the skin
✔ The special shape allows an exact massage of all body regions
✔ The Scraper Massage Set is delivered in a sophisticated special case. Thus, your professional Gua Sha scrapers are always in good hands, protected during transport and impressive as a gift.