Color Medicine Ball 2 kgs


Available in Random Colors, weights from 1 to 6 kgs


  • CONVENIENT EXERCISER: MedicineBall Balls made of soft material and of variable weight, to be used both for training in sports and for physiotherapy for the rehabilitation of the upper limbs.¬†Great for balance, flexibility & strength workouts; Unstable ball engages deepest stabilizing muscles; Soft rubbery texture, easy to hold for secure grip; Easy to use for toning arms, strengthening core; Comfortable in high-impact & strength exercises; Improves coordination & maximized strength
  • FOR SPORT AND FITNESS: Enhances & changes up any training routine; Ideal for yoga, Pilates, conditioning moves; Use in cardio, aerobics, stretching, dance; Compact, portable for travel, carry to gym or park; Keep at office to stretch or warm during breaks; Durable, versatile, for fitness & weight loss
  • WEIGHTED DESIGN: Model 02-71646; PVC shell, Unstable iron sand inside; Hand wash in cold water, avoid heat and sunlight;

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1 Kg, 2 Kgs, 3 Kgs, 4 Kgs, 5 Kgs, 6 Kgs