Blood Pressure Monitor



  • [All-in-one kit]. The Blood Pressure Monitor is an all-in-one kit and contains everything you need to quickly and easily obtain blood pressure readings. The large angle of the screen and the 30 ° tilt angle allow older people to easily read the value.
  • [Voice broadcast function]. It is easy to use and accurate. During the measurement process. A voice broadcast function and a clear LCD display that matches the product itself will be provided. Which provides a simple choice for users with different needs to test.
  • [Portable Design]. Portable Blood Pressure Monitor. Small and light, easy to use and easy to master, low noise, suitable for home self-test or travel measurement. Comfortable cuffs are suitable for most adult arms. There is a solid Velcro around the cuff that can be fixed around the arm and uses high-quality materials. The surface is comfortable and easy to clean.
  • [Accurate Readings]. World Health Organisation blood pressure classification indicator. For an easy and clear understanding of BP reading. By professional approved blood pressure monitor adopts advanced technology to provide you the most accurate systolic and diastolic pressures as well as pulse rate readings.