12 Cans Vacuum Cupping Therapy Set Chinese Medical Physiotherapy Cupping Premium Quality


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12 Cans Vacuum Cupping Device Chinese Medical Physiotherapy Cupping Therapy Set Massager For Body Health Care Suction Cups Tools

Name:12  Cans Vacuum Cupping Device
Material: ABS
Type: Health Care Body Massage
Model: Massage Vacuum Cupping Set


1.6 types of tanks, 2 per group,12 jars in total
Affordable 12 cans, suitable size and complete models, suitable for all parts of the body such as back, abdomen, legs, etc.

2.Excellent material, real medical ABS material
The material is made of real medical grade high-grade resin polycarbonate, which is strong and durable, not easy to break, beautiful and easy to carry.

3.It can be operated by yourself, without flame, to avoid burns.
The jar is connected to the vacuum air gun, and it can be operated by one person immediately, which is convenient, without flame, and avoids skin burns caused by improper operation. It is absolutely safe.

4.Core upgrade, with built-in spring-loaded air valve.
So, The pressure generated by the pot is single and the intensity cannot be controlled, so it is not necessarily suitable. The warm body surface sensation brought by the cupping only acts on the body surface and cannot affect the texture. Vacuum cupping can be automatically adjusted according to the pressure of the human body to avoid strong pain caused by excessive pressure. After adding a spring device, there will be no strong pain.


TCM physiotherapy, body massage, vacuum cupping

How To Use It:

1.Connect the jar to the air gun.
2.Choose where you want to cup, at a perpendicular angle to the skin.
3.Pull the air gun 3-7 times, depending on the ability of the individual to bear.
4.After the pumping is completed, remove the air gun and press the yellow valve to prevent air leakage.
5.Lift the yellow valve up and let the air flow into the tank.
6.The gas in the jar is released, and the jar can be removed by lifting it up.

Use of extension tubes:

1.Prepare the air gun, independent gun head, tank body, connecting pipe
2.The two ends of the connecting pipe are divided into large and small joints, and the small end is inserted into the air gun
3.Insert the large end connector into the separate pipette tip
4.Insert the selected tank into the connected independent pipette tip
5.The extension tube is only used for out-of-reach places, and other parts can be used without extension tube.


1. Full stomach, no cupping operation on an empty stomach
2. The same part, not cupping every day;
3. Cupping traces have not faded before, no more cupping;
4. Women with bleeding diseases during menstruation and other parts, do not cupping.
5. Don’t take a bath immediately for cupping, especially in a cold water bath.


1. Firstly, when cupping, choose the appropriate body odor and muscle plumpness, smooth skin, and no hair. According to the desired cupping position, choose different specifications of jars.
2. Also when using it for the first time, a small can should be preferred to reduce irritation.
3. Do not move the body position during the cupping process. When using multiple cupping therapy, a certain distance should be reserved between the jars and the jars should not be arranged too close.
4. After taking the can, the local flushing and itching should not be scratched. It will disappear after a few hours or days.
5. Blisters, bleeding spots, congestion and other phenomena on the local skin after taking the can are normal treatment reactions. In the case of mild blisters, it is only necessary to prevent scratching and wait for their natural absorption. Also, when the blisters are large, it often means that the condition is more serious, and the roots of the blisters can be punctured with a sterile needle to prevent infection, supplemented by sterile gauze.
6. Finally, when cupping, keep the room warm and avoid the cool wind


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Mainland China

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Vacuum Cupping Device




Health Care Body Massage


Massage Vacuum Cupping Set

Feature 1

Excellent material, real medical ABS material

Feature 2

It can be operated by yourself, without flame, to avoid burns

Feature 3

Core upgrade, with built-in spring-loaded air valve.

Function 1


Function 2

Suction cups massage

Function 3

Vacuum massager

Function 4

Massage body cups

Function 5


Function 6

Vacuum cupping glasses

Function 7

Suction cup

Function 8

cupping therapy set

Function 9

vacuum massage jars

Function 10

Anti-cellulite massager

Function 11

body massager

Function 12

Fat burner